Cloud computing is the smart way to run your business.  With so many benefits to moving your IT to Cloud it only makes sense to take the leap.  Whether you’re a small business trying to get a handle on administrative costs or a large or government organization offering secure transactions to customers cloud computing is the logical next step for your business. 

Let’s look at the benefits:

So easy and flexible!

It’s easy to scale your bandwidth requirements depending on your business needs.  Hopefully your bandwidth requirements are growing in an upward trend but it’s just as easy to reduce your bandwidth requirements when needed. 

Stop buying and upgrading storage hardware

No need to buy hardware as your storage requirements increase or replace failing equipment.  Cloud computing is subscription based and can be adjusted to your ongoing needs.

Disaster Recovery

How often does your business back up its data?  Does your business have a IT disaster recovery plan?  What happens if the hard disk on your server becomes corrupted?  The traditional disaster recovery plan involves purchasing expensive hardware and software for automated backups.  Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions saves time and requires little initial investment.


If you think the cost of lost or stolen laptop and portable hard drives is high, think about the high cost of losing sensitive data.  With cloud computing, your data is stored in the cloud so your data is safe whether you drop your laptop down an elevator shaft or into a swimming pool.

Work from anywhere

If you have Internet connection, you have access to your work using your laptop or portable devices.  This offers your employees opportunities for telecommuting.  Live in Canada?  We’ve had some pretty tricky weather conditions where it was difficult to get to the office.  With cloud computing, employees can get their work done from home.

Team collaboration

Using file sharing apps, your teams can access, share, and edit documents.  Updates are made in real-time.

Document control

Are you still using email for sending documents back and forth for collaborating with your team?  It’s difficult to keep track of the latest document but when you have a large team, document control is a huge challenge.  With cloud computing, all files are stored  on the cloud with the version number or date/time stamp making it very obvious which is the latest document. 


Cloud computing is a game-changer for small businesses.  It gives small business access to enterprise-class technology and puts them on a level playing field with big businesses. 

Automatic software updates

With cloud computing, you don’t need to worry about regular software and security updates because we can take care of the maintenance for you.  You just deal with your core business.

The sooner you make the decision to move to the cloud, the sooner you can take advantage of all of these benefits.  Whether you’re a small business or a large or government enterprise, Nortak can help you get on your way.


Nortak’s certified Cloud Engineers have the expertise and experience to assess your current environment and put together a plan to move it to Cloud.  We will set up your Cloud space similar to what you have now unless there is a better solution – but we’ll discuss that with you first.  We will also take care of the onboarding of your environment.  Easy peasy for you!


We can host your website for you on the Cloud so you always have access to it no matter where you are.  Even better, we’ll maintain your Cloud space ensuring that software updates are done for the security of your website.