InfoVeave(TM) Business Intelligence and Dashboard & Reporting Tool



Nortak is pleased to announce a new agreement with Noesys Software to be the exclusive dealer for the Government of Canada and for the Province of Ontario regarding their Infoveave™ Business Intelligence and Dashboard & Reporting tool.

The Infoveave™ analytics tool is designed as a Cloud software service but it can also be installed behind your firewall for secure enterprise Dashboard reporting capabilities.

The Infoveave™ tool is able to analyze layers of data with easy to use Key Performance Indicators (KPI), charts, and graphs to monitor critical business information. The compilation of data, accurate analysis and validation is time and effort intensive – Infoveave™ is able to address these challenges and provide rich insights including:

      • Correlated Social Media Analysis

    With the boom in social media usage, users can analyze data that the public shares about their products or services on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

      • Accelerated Deployment

    The Infoveave™ platform performs complex and time-consuming tasks in just a few clicks and enables retailers to decipher complex data and convert them into actionable insights.

      • Descriptive Infoboards

    Infoveave™ can analyze and correlate data from social media platforms and generate infoboards enabling stakeholders to take actionable decisions.

      • Complex Analysis

    Infoveave™ can analyze complex business scenarios giving you actionable strategies to run the store at peak performance.

      • Better Collaboration

    Businesses can share visually detailed reports and infographics with their suppliers, vendors, customers and partners to collaborate better as well as add notes or comments for specific parameters on dashboards.

Infoveave™ is affordable and efficient. Contact

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