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Trying to determine whether your existing enterprise network can properly support the implementation of VoIP can often end up creating more questions than answers. The network is definitely the determining factor on overall voice quality, performance and end-user satisfaction.

More than any other type of application, the practical usability of VoIP demands optimal network performance. Simply adding more bandwidth typically won't solve the majority of VoIP performance issues. The reality is that most of today's Data networks are not ready to support VoIP's unique requirements. Problems like delay jitter and packet loss typically result in an unacceptable call quality.

What you really need is an in-depth analysis of your existing networks capabilities with realistic recommendations as to precisely what upgrades are required in order to make VoIP work.

To do this you need the right tools. At NORTAK we employ sophisticated network analysis tools to quickly and easily determine how well VoIP will work on a network prior to deployment. These tools accurately predict the overall call quality you can expect from the network and will generate customizable reports detailing the network's VoIP readiness.

NORTAK offers and highly recommends employing this type of service before considering any VoIP / IP telephony system or solution. It is simply the most cost effective and prudent way to proceed, virtually eliminating the inevitable headaches that come with attempting to roll out these sorts of applications on an unprepared network.

Our network assessment tools provide the following:

  • Determines if your network can handle VoIP. Evaluates and reports on the network's ability to support VoIP's unique network requirements. Understanding potential problems before they become evident is an essential factor in a successful implementation. These reports enable you to make knowledgeable choices about how to proceed with your VoIP investment and deployment.
  • Predicts call quality. Collects network metrics over time to provide you with an accurate prediction of the overall call quality that can be expected once VoIP is deployed. It can also create background traffic to simulate the impact of other application traffic on VoIP call quality.
  • Builds a network inventory. Saves time by automatically taking an inventory of routers, switches and WAN links to be evaluated.
  • Highlights limitations of current network devices. Provides insights into potential needs for additional or upgraded devices before VoIP deployment by monitoring utilization statistics of current network devices and links.
  • Improves planning with predictive modeling. Increases deployment success through "what if" analysis. Upfront modeling narrows the scenarios that you will want to emulate on a live network.
  • Provides detailed, and customizable, assessment reports. Analyzes results and creates a complete report at the end of the assessment. The report is easily customized and provides a straightforward executive summary that assesses the network's readiness for VoIP, along with detailed results by location for further analysis. Includes all the information needed to identify potential problem areas.

Call for more details at 1-888-222-3056 (in Ottawa 613-234-7212), or email us at

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