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Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) is a complete end-to-end solution for corporate call centre requirements.

Customer Interaction Center (CIC) from Interactive Intelligence is an IP communications platform and pre-integrated application suite developed specifically for the demands of today's multi-channel contact center.

More importantly, CIC is an all-in-one solution that unifies communications, information and business processes throughout your organization - allowing agents to respond to customers more dynamically, IT staff to eliminate multi-point legacy system headaches, and the customer experience to be a consistent and satisfactory one for every customer you serve.

CICCustomer Interaction Center (CIC) is a complete interaction management software solution, providing everything a contact center or enterprise needs for effective business communications. CIC can handle all types of interactions - phone calls, faxes, e-mails, voicemails, text chats and Web call-back requests - allowing organizations to greatly improve contact center productivity and offer enhanced levels of customer service.

A single Windows server running CIC is capable of replacing a wide range of legacy telecom systems including PBXs, IVRs, ACDs, fax servers, voice mail systems, dialers and CTI gateways. CIC's integrated single platform architecture lets your business easily unify branch offices, departments, workgroup "call center" operations, information workers and remote and mobile employees for enhanced collaboration, productivity and customer service.

All-in-one platform architecture
Customer Interaction Center is built from the ground up on the Interaction Center Platform® multi-channel event processing architecture from Interactive Intelligence. For contact centers, that means one platform from one vendor - and no more integration complexities from multipoint hardware systems and various legacy vendors.

Open standards approach
CIC is architected on the SIP standard throughout for IP communications, yet offers open flexibility for TDM, IP or hybrid TDM/IP switching. Third-party PBX integration is also available.

Seamless operation with your IT infrastructure
Integrate CIC with existing-mail solutions, Web servers, databases, directories and host systems, no expensive CTI middleware or integration services required.

Central configuration / administration
Configure local users and remote users, lines, stations, IP networks, SIP device and digital phone connections, business applications and security access in a single interface. CIC's inherent auto attendant also lets you structure menus, prompts and IVR behavior in one place.

Improve customer service
Multi-channel contact options, multimedia routing, auto attendant, self-service automation and advanced real-time quality monitoring tools work in unison to ensure a positive customer experience.

Reduce costs
Replace expensive legacy multi-point hardware systems with the CIC suite for IP PBX, ACD, IVR, conferencing, e-mail routing, recording, reporting and more.

Easily move to VoIP
Pave a straightforward, standards based path to VoIP with CIC's single SIP-architected platform, gateways, and media server packaged with a SIP proxy.

Increase security
Support the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt audio and call control information.

Enjoy broader integration
Integrate to a wider choice of third-party networking equipment, applications and back-end systems. Pre-integrated Microsoft plug-ins also embed CIC call controls into the Microsoft® Office Communicator client, Outlook® and Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM desktop applications.

Simplify deployment
Leverage CIC's auto-provisioning capability for Polycom® phones, get advanced automated options for e-mail routing, and use the CIC system's Report Assistant to simplify custom reporting.

With Interactive Intelligences' CIC platform there are also no forklift replacements required. The CIC platform can be easily integrated to operate seamlessly with your present Nortel, Avaya, Mitel, NEC or Siemens telecommunications systems. So, if you only need to have the CIC system handle your specific contact center or workgroup requirements there is no need to replace your entire existing telephone system.

For IT staff, the CIC product is far easier to implement and maintain than competing systems. As an open standards-based solution, unlike other vendors' products, the CIC platform requires no multi-box hardware or customization, centralizes administration into a single interface, and reduces the costly complexity often associated with computer telephony integration (CTI). Also unlike hardware-centric proprietary solutions, the SIP based IP-ready CIC architecture gives customers a clear-cut path to adopting voice over IP at any time in the future, with no bolt-on VoIP products required.

CIC's unique approach allows you to build an exact solution for your contact center in a completely modular fashion, adapting to changing customer and market requirements while incrementally adding features and users as needed, without ever having to worry about adding more hardware or third party systems from proprietary vendors ever again.

As outlined in a number of industry studies, thanks to Interactive Intelligences unique all-in-one pre-integrated unified communications architecture, the CIC platform clearly offers the lowest total cost of ownership and quicker return on investment when compared to competing multi-box solutions from traditional telecom vendors.

List of optional built-in modules.

CIC PDF For more information download the i3 CIC PDF here.

Or click here to view a live demo of CIC. (To view this demo you will need Flash Player, click here to download it for free)

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